Cloud Sharing

Cloud Sharing is Cloud Shopping

Share  ~  Save  ~  Conserve  ~  Recycle

Help  Yourself,  Help Others  – a Cloud Sharing  is coming

CloudSharing – everyone that benefits from sharing, saving, conserving & recycling

–  our family shares goods that retain a significant amount of useful life but are no longer needed

* Everything’s an asset when made available for sharing with, or donating to, others
* Money spent long ago is reborn with new purchasing power within the Cloud Sharing Network (plus you get rid of stuff no longer needed)
* We believe the only fair way to share those assets is to find parity-in-sharing and we do this by creating a Cloud Sharing Bank capable of appraising any & all assets in the world

(one exception – we would exclude Instruments of Violence – guns, knives, violent videos, games, etc)

CloudSharingCommunity .com  – a dignified  & totally new way to virtually help millions of others

–   Share  ~  Save  ~  Conserve  ~  Recycle    let yesterday’s goods make a better today & tomorrow

* Turn anything into an appraised asset to be shared at owner’s Perception-of-Value
* Money in the Cloud Sharing Bank beats drawers & closets of unwanted stuff
* It’s your money, share with family, friends or the community;  your church, youth club, mission, etc
* Non-profits virtually create Cloud Sharing Bank accounts for those in-need to shop the CSNetwork
* Each and every one of us already owns the world’s greatest untapped shopping inventory & market 

CloudSharingNetwork .com  – the first  seller’s market network – no middlemen

–  where buyers & sellers agree to accept the Cloud Sharing Currency for ‘parity sharing’ of physical assets

* Any website or business can accept the CSCurrency by joining the Cloud Sharing Network
* 60, 600, 6000, 60,000 sites – an infinite amount of sites can utilize the new currency – even a site such as Ebay (fee based) could utilize a new currency to increase sales
* A  site’s revenue is derived from transaction fees not markup,  a percentage goes to CSBank
* Why agree?  Each member’s asset brings inventory & currency worth 100% of face value is demo site:  Deposit casual apparel you don’t wear, Withdraw a new look
* Network sites are encouraged to have specialty expertise & appeal  (e.g.  JeanBank – blue jeans)

CloudSharingBank.commoney in the bank beats unwanted stuff in the closet

– typical bank functions and asset transfers using  dollar equivalent Cloud Sharing Currency

* Maintains the CSCurrency money supply and is responsible for all personal,  charitable &

CSNetwork accounts,  transfers,  cash transactions,  appraisals,  loans,  guarantees,  etc

* Maintains a database of all asset values for everything everywhere in the Cloud Sharing World

Asset Value = MSRP x Condition x Interest

* Makes possible a virtual transfer of funds to any of one million 501(c)3 churches & organizations

* note:  501(c)3 non-profits CANNOT, BY FEDERAL  LAW, appraise donations (except motor vehicles)

* We can so we create as much money as possible for you to spend!

*It’s your money do what you want with it except cash it out (Even donate!)


CloudSharingEconomy .com – the economic impact of cloud sharing

–   the value of everything shared and total amount of cloud sharing currency in circulation (total transactions)

* Cloud Sharing is Cloud Shopping –  we create a sub-primary market  for primary retail consumers by

depreciating retail goods based on MSRP, Condition & Interest or current ‘real world’ market value

* Virtual sub-primary retail market – no more middleman buying your stuff low & selling high

* Everything’s an Asset to be shared One-for-One  (excluding:  instruments of violence)


CloudSharingCurrency .com –  the perceived medium of exchange in the form of a virtual bank account currency

– parallels the retail/current cash market but can never be ‘cashed out’

* currency in circulation equals the sum total of all transactions (2013 Ebay:  $16B fees,   $210B transactions)

* Cloud Sharing is built on trust. Depositors know that they can obtain goods of equal value

* The currency in circulation never diminishes, it only grows and expands into new markets

* Because the currency can never be ‘cashed out’, charities can freely transfer funds to the needy without

the fear of having money misspent.

* Yes, we do pull money out of thin air, thank you Lord! – multiple items are packaged to maximize flat rate shipping 

– Unlike every other site where items are sold individually, Cloud Sharing works best for everyone when

the maximum number of items are shared

see for examples of how many clothing items fit in a box and their values calculated

*  a box of goods is virtually deposited and when someone withdraws and accepts the box their Cloud

Sharing Bank account is credited


Cloud – trusted individuals who appraise assets and authorize instant credit for goods

*  ‘feet on the ground’ individuals who are paid for accessing the value of goods according to Cloud

Sharing Bank guidelines (the owner has ultimate right to determine the price of assets shared)

*  for example, there are 850,000 beauticians/barbers in USA most with established clients. A basket

of goods could be appraised, given instant credit and the client could shop while getting hair done.

*  Or the value of those assets could be transferred to any charity of church for the needs of others – we are creating a new global economy everyone can utilize using past purchases

* More than 95% of unneeded, non-durable goods are donated to charities

* All have residual value but none have any definable value because charities cannot value donations

* Cloud Sharing can & does value assets

* Trillions of dollars are available for the asking


Note: It is important that the first Cloud Sharing website is enormously successful.  JeanBank, a casual

clothing site, is based on cloud sharing and the knowledge accumulated since 1971 when Bill Dorsey and I

opened a ‘hip’ clothing store in Madeira Ohio.  Goldman Sachs recently invested $81 million dollars in (total investment $131M) started in and by Harvard Business School students (who lack

knowledge of and experience in the market but have an outstanding pedigree).  The amount is absurd

and JeanBank can crush them on every front for less than a million dollars. FYI – not one company in the

$80 billion dollar weight loss industry helps your ‘new body’ with a ‘new look’.  It would bring a great deal

of prestige to the University of Cincinnati Lindner School Of Business, not to mention all of the good

it would accomplish, if creation of the Cloud Sharing World were a student/teacher/business project.

*** I will address this in more detail in a video


The best time to launch this concept would be in January, after Christmas when new purchases make more

closet & storage space necessary.  Because of its unique appeal to network television (like morning shows)

national exposure would be a given.


Proud Papa Disclaimer: My daughter, Brittney Stubbers, is an undergraduate at U.C. majoring in business

and currently co-oping at P&G (co-op concept  invented at U.C. in 1906).


Trademark – Cloud Sharing is available as a trademark and I’m exploring that goal now.





Share, Shop, Save & Recycle